Sunday, April 15, 2012



We have now improved our business approach into 3 major component:

Stage 1: Design Consultancy

  • We provide ideas and visions for the perfect dress for your wedding
  • Together with you we shall conceptualized your dream into drawings of your wedding dress
  • The agreed design shall take into consideration your body type & height, as well as the theme & background of your wedding reception

Stage 2: Material Advisory

  • We accompany you to the biggest textile store in Malaysia and advise you on the best material to suit your skin color & tone and the design selected by you
  • The material selected shall be within your budget, bearing in mind that if you go with us you get 10%-30%* discount from the store
  • Purchase of material is at your own cost and not included in the quotation stated below
* depending on material type

Stage 3: The Production of your Wedding Dress

  • We shall take you to Mix Moda Shah Alam to produce your dream dress
  • Mix Moda is the one of the top boutiques in Shah Alam and well known for its fine workmanship and excellent service
  • You may visit them at Facebook: Mixmoda-Boutique

*Harga untuk stage 1 & 3 sahaja

*Sepasang untuk pengantin perempuan dan sepasang pengantin lelaki

(tidak termasuk tudung, veil, kasut, tanjak, sampin, keris dan lain-lain)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


designer : nik erwan roseli
makeup : syafieq & eriey . photo : izham ismail & ello anwar . venue : teratak nur

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